The wedding of Dominique & Eileen Gunn was so incredibly beautiful and I was so honored that the couple chose me to document their beautiful day.  Dominique is from Africa and there were so many out of town family and guests who attended.  This one was extra special for it was not the traditional wedding but one that is multi-cultural.

Eileen looked stunning as Dominique’s bride and you can see the look of love for Eileen on Dominique’s face and eyes throughout the whole ceremony and reception.  This was my first time attending and photographing a wedding that was multi-cultural and it is truly an experience I will never forget.

These are types of events that make being a photographer such a wonderful experience.  I often dream of traveling the world to photograph people and the customs of their cultures.  Thanks to Eileen and Dominique for giving me an opportunity to get a taste of what that experience is like.

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