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I once had a bride tell me that she hired someone who told her he was a “professional photographer” and he showed up at the wedding with only an iPhone! Sure, he was cheap and she did not pay him much, but needless to say, the images were not at all what she wanted or expected and both the bride and the groom were very disappointed.

A true professional will listen to what you want and custom-tailor the wedding photography specific to what you desire. And he/she will ALWAYS have professional experience and the right equipment to get the job done correctly.

The best wedding photographers use only the very best equipment, and they know how to use that equipment inside and out. They listen carefully to their clients, and are equipped and trained to deliver what their clients desire. They understand lighting and they know how to manipulate the light and use the correct camera settings to make bring out emotion and show the love and happiness on a wedding day. They don’t just take photos, they tell a story. Photography is an art and it takes an enormous amount of training, not just in photography itself but also in post processing in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.

I try extremely hard to make sure that wedding package investments are as competitive as possible, but I also work extremely hard to bring to every single client, the very best photos of your special day. With weddings, you only get one chance to get it done right and it takes skills, planning, creativity, and all the right tools and equipment to make it happen.

Your big day, is just as important to me as it is to you. Customers are everything to me for without customers, all I have is a bunch of gear sitting on a shelf and nothing else. Without clients, I do not get to do what I love most and I do not have a business. As passionate as I am about photography, I genuinely love and care for my customers a hundredfold. This is why I invest in the crazy hours (and costs) in getting the right training, education and certifications in professional photography. I take the time to be an expert in my craft, and I invest in the absolute top, very best equipment to get the job done right. I will never EVER be that cheap photographer who just buys an entry level DSLR camera and one kit lens, learns everything about photography on YouTube, while labeling himself himself a professional photographer.

To me, each and every client is treated like the only client I have. I am honored and privileged that you would consider me and trust in me to document your special day and that most beautiful time in your life. That is why our company motto is “It’s never just a photograph”. Because it isn’t! It is an important piece of your life and your family. It means everything!

Thank you so much to my customers I have photographed, and thank you, in advance, to those future clients I will photograph. You can rest assured, you will get the very best I have to give in each and every session. That is my promise and my word, and I stand by it!

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  1. says:

    Thank you for sharing this! I feel like some people just think that because they have a “camera” that they’re professional photographers when in fact so much detail, thought, skill, care go into being a truly great photographer. It’s frustrating to see some people take advantage of this industry and to treat clients in this manner, but again- I guess this can technically happen in any industry. But thanks for shedding light on this!

  2. Siobhan Barton
    Siobhan Barton says:

    I completely agree with you that a true professional will listen to what you want and custom-tailor the wedding photography specific to what you desire. Before hiring, a photographer we always should check his/her previous record from online reviews. Thanks again

  3. Braden Bills
    Braden Bills says:

    My daughter is going to be getting married, and she wants to make sure that good pictures are taken. It makes sense that working with a photographer would be beneficial. I can see how getting a qualified one would be really important to ensure that the pictures look nice.

  4. Vivian Black
    Vivian Black says:

    When we did our wedding pictures, the final editing cut into the quality of the photos. Another consideration is that the best photographers show up with the very best equipment and they know how to use that equipment. I wish I would have given our photographer more details on what we wanted. It is important to find one who listens.


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