I just recently added the Canon EOS R5 camera to my arsenal of cameras and this one is hands down, a game changer in the photography industry! I have been shooting with this camera for a little while now for wedding and portrait photography, but I also took it with me to Glacier National Park in Montana. It is lights out, amazing in every way!

The features of the R5 are slightly different than than the R6. The R5 is definitely a business, higher end camera. It is still designed with the 5D Mark IV style with 1DX Mark III features. It feels so good and works so well with practically all genres of photography. With this post, I hope to share some of the features of this camera, especially for photographers interested in moving to the mirrorless Canon systems.

First thing I wanted to mention was the camera’s focus system. The auto focus system in this camera is truly the best I have ever shot with. It has professional level tracking with auto focus tracking and it goes edge to edge, so you’ve got 100% coverage of that autofocus tracking system. The entire display is used and you have tremendous control when focusing where you want to focus on your subject. The EOS R5 has face detection and eye detection both on humans and animals and it works phenomenally! It is amazing how the camera tracks the movements of the eye, even at focal lengths as high as 800mm.

It uses face detection, and eye detection. So it can actually connect with just the eye only which is truly amazing! In this mode, you have the ability to not only eye detect on people, but you can actually start detecting on wildlife and animals. It’s amazing how it can track the eye of a subject. I was shooting some birds, and while tracking the birds, it would track their eyes as they moved.  It just hugs right onto that eye, even when the subject moves. It’s a really powerful feature of this camera. I was very pleased with the results.

Another new and powerful feature with the Canon EOS R5 is that because it is mirrorless, you’re going to have way faster performance on the amount of frames per second you’re gonna get. This camera will shoot 12 frames per second in a mechanical shutter mode. (It has a mechanical shutter that comes up and down.)  Now if we move that into electronic shutter, then you can actually bump that up to all the way to 20 frames per second! It is lightning fast! So, in addition to the cool auto focus features, you’re getting this ability to shoot at a high frame rate. And this is very good for wildlife and sports photography.

Video shooters will love this camera, too! You have the video features of 8K video. And not only will it shoot 8K video, but now it will do something different. We’ve had this for a couple years, but now what’s coming over to these cameras is the ability to shoot 8K raw video. So if you’re not familiar with raw video, it’s kind of the equivalent of what a raw photo is. What you’re doing is you’re taking video that you will be able to do adjustments on later in post, like shifting your colors and your white balance after you’ve shot it. Things like that that we haven’t been able to do with video, and now we can with this new technology in this camera! Think of it like you’re taking a bunch of sequences of raw photos that you could then edit later, in a computer processing. The other thing it’ll do is it will shoot not only 8k, but then you can start going down resolutions. So you can just drop it down in resolution, and you get all the 4k modes to shoot in.

One thing that is truly amazing about this camera is the sensor. It is a totally new sensor for Canon. So the R6 model brought over the 1DX Mark III sensor to it. The R5 has a whole new sensor that is a whopping 45 megapixel sensor, so this is a huge megapixel count for a full frame camera. The images on the pictures you take with this camera are enormous in size! It is not the biggest ever, but it is indeed a huge megapixel count for a full frame sensor. It has the new Digic processor in it, so be prepared to invest in newer and faster memory cards and have a computer that has a very fast processor and maybe even a solid state drive, especially if you shoot in RAW or shoot video. Regarding memory cards, this camera has dual card slots. It has a CF express Card slot, and it has an SD card slot. The one thing you’re going to have to remember with these, is that in order to take full advantage of what this camera has, you will need faster memory cards. You’re gonna need to buy a CF express card.  And you want to make sure that it’s fast enough to be writing and reading that data, and fast enough to not allow a lot of buffering. You can’t get the speed out of the SD card in order to do a lot of those features so stepping up to a CF Express card is essential. On Canon’s website it shows what cards that they recommend if you’re want to shoot at those higher frame rates.

Overall, this is by far, the best camera I have in my lineup and it is my go to camera that you will see me shooting with most of the time. There is a lot more to cover than what I covered in this post, with the new features from the still camera stuff all the way to the video, but if you bought this camera or are thinking about buying one, I think it is a great investment. This is a really cool camera, and I’m very impressed by it. Being a Canon shooter this is hands down, light years better than any Canon camera I have used.

If you have any questions you would like me to answer, please leave a comment below. I also welcome your comments if you have already been shooting with this camera and you would like to share your own experience.  I’m always available! Thanks for reading!