As some of you may know, I recently took another photography road trip, this time to Yosemite National Park.

Well, I actually visited many of the National Parks, but Yosemite was always a bucket list park to visit and photograph and this was where I spent most of my time at.

I started my photography in Denver, Colorado and photographed many locations along the way.  After photographing the beautiful cities of Denver and Colorado Springs, my journey took me into Utah and Nevada, where I had the privilege of spending short times in Arches, Bryce Canyon, Zion and Las Vegas.  After this, it was into the golden state of California and a brief visit into Death Valley, and then onto the big kahuna of them all, Yosemite.

I spent an entire week in Yosemite, staying at the absolutely beautiful Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite.  Tenaya was absolutely fabulous!  It is in a quiet and very scene town called Fish Camp, CA.  One of the first things I noticed in the hotel lobby, is the absolutely stunning photos of Yosemite Valley displayed on the lobby wall by photographer, Michael Ambrose.  Just magnificent work and his photography really got me excited to get out to the park and capture some of this beautiful location on my own.

By the way, none of these images posted on this blog are Michael’s.  There are all my own.


Over the next few days I took in some of the most breathtaking beauty on planet earth!  Yosemite does not disappoint in any way.  From the gorgeous waterfalls, to the beautiful rock structures of El Capitan and Half Dome, it truly was unlike any other national park I have visited before.  I truly felt like I was in a Lord of the Rings movie.


I used primarily my Canon EOS D Mark IV and Canon 1DX Mark II cameras on this trip to capture the images you see here.  All of my images are for sale on my portfolio website and online store,

I was so enchanted by the magnificence of Yosemite and I am already planning a return trip.  I want to visit this place in every single season, for the scenery is gorgeous all year long and my journey of photography art is also always changing.

My next big National Park trip is already planned!  I will be visiting Glacier National Park in Montana, on September 4th thru September 12th!  In the meantime, I hope that you enjoy these Yosemite images I captured.


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